MEDIA for The Sawdust House - 2022

Radio National Book Show (minute 42) -

Interview on The West Australian's fiction podcast -

Interview on RTR FM's Morning Magazine -

Interview on Amanda Curtin's new fiction blogsite -

Interview in The Starfish -

Interview podcast in The Fremantle Shipping News -




Media for True West - November 2019

Interview with Paul J Laverty on 94.9 Main FM's The Quiet Carriage program -

Podcast with Holden Sheppard -

RTR/FM with Tom Reynolds -

ABC 720 with Lucie Bell -


Media for Old Scores - November 2016

Media for PERTH -  Feb 2014

Media for ZERO AT THE BONE - August 2013

See below for a collection of media interviews from September 2010 on:

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