City of Canning War Memorial Inscription

I was recently asked to write an inscription, essentially a 'Wish for Peace' for the new City of Canning War Memorial, by local artist Susanna Castleden. Here's the terrific Paul Daley, contextualising it in discussions around Anzac Day, and including the full inscription:


Griffith Review 47

The new WA focussed edition of the Griffith Review is out - featuring new work by Kim Scott, Steve Kinnane, Sean Tan, Amanda Curtin, Jacqueline Wright and many more. As usual with the Griffith Review (I haven't had an essay with them since 2006), it's a terrific mix of reportage, fiction, poetry, art and essays in this case looking at Western Australia, past and present. My own essay is called 'Worm in the Bud', looking at WA crime and crime writing, and can be found here -

Westerly - Vol 59.2 - 'The Cook'

It hasn't been the best year for blogging, due in part to four writer's festivals, judging three writing competitions,working on  four commissioned stories and articles (and the inscription for a war memorial), reading some dozen manuscripts from friends and some more formal mentoring, reviewing books for the ABR, twenty-odd speaking engagements about the place and most importantly, working on my new crime novel, 'Old Scores'. My most recent publication is a longish short story called 'The Cook', published in the latest edition of Westerly.

Perth - The Sydney Morning Herald review, the Perth Writers Festival and new radio interviews

Here's a link to the full Sydney Morning Herald/The Age review, by Gail Jones, which came out last week -

The week prior to that I chatted with Margaret Throsby, on ABC Classic FM, and Richard Fidler, on Radio National about the book, before a terrific session with Kerryn Goldsworthy a the Perth Writers Festival. The links to the radio interviews can be found in the interview banner above...

Perth - the Weekend Australian review

Here's the link to the review of Perth, the latest in New South's terrific city series (I recommend them all, without exception), by Richard King in the Weekend Australian, Dec 7 - 

Perth - the first review, the first interview and the launch invitation

The first review of Perth was published earlier in the Week in the West Australian, and I've attached it here, as well as a link to my interview with Geoff Hutchison on radio ABC 720 -

We're launching the book on Thursday Dec 5 - 6 for 6.30 down at the Buffalo Club on High Street in Fremantle - all welcome...

Zero at the Bone and Perth - guest blog post at Pulp Curry

This week, I'm doing a guest blog post over at Pulp Curry - talking about crime fiction and crime fact in Perth, as it relates to both Zero at the Bone and Perth. Andrew Nette's site, if you don't know it, is a trove of crime fiction reviews, topics and stories - check it out -

Perth - New South Books publication date

With an advance copy in my hand, I have a publication date for Perth of December 1, when the book should be available in stores. In the meantime, I've attached a copy of the cover below, and here's a link to the publisher's page -

Review - The Dying Beach by Angela Savage (Text 2013)

Zero at the Bone - interview in the West Australian

Here's the first print interview about Zero at the Bone, with Will Yeoman in tuesday's West Australian...


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